Promoting Primary health care

      Health promotion is one approach that supports healthy lifestyle choices & contributes not only to the reduction of illness, but also to improved physical & mental wellbeing. Health can be promoted by both increasing the factors that build our wellbeing & protect our health, & reducing the factors that put us at risk of illness and expose us to threats to our wellbeing. Both health & non-health sector organisations play an important preventive & restorative role in the health & wellbeing of the community.

There's lots of people in this world who spend so much time watching their health that they haven't the time to enjoy it. - Josh Billings


    hhmc-care plans       The Chronic Disease Management (formerly Enhanced Primary Care or EPC) — GP services on the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) enable GPs to plan and coordinate the health care of patients with chronic or terminal medical conditions, including patients with these conditions who require multidisciplinary, team-based care from a GP and at least two other health care providers.
     hhmc-EHR      A personally controlled eHealth Record (PCEHR) is a secure on-line summary of your health information. You control what goes into it, and who is allowed to access it. Your eHealth record allows you and your doctors, hospitals and other healthcare providers to view and share your health information to provide you with the best possible care.
     hhmc-family       The speciality of family medicine is centred on lasting, caring relationships with patients and their families. Family physicians integrate the biological, clinical and behavioural sciences to provide continuing and comprehensive health care. The scope of family medicine encompasses all ages, sexes, each organ system and every disease entity.
     hhmc-flu       Influenza (flu) is a highly contagious viral infection that is responsible for major outbreaks of respiratory illness around the world, usually in the winter months. Unlike the common cold, influenza can cause severe illness and life-threatening complications such as pneumonia and bronchitis, which often require hospitalisation.
  • WELCOME to our modern medical centre in Hamilton with most advanced & state of the art set up .

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  • We SETUP your EHR system at first visit. Our patients will control their health records ONLINE.

  • TREATMENT room with 2 beds is available to treat minor illness. Our medical staff is very experienced.

  • FLU Vaccine and Immunisation are provided. Speak to our nursing staff & get free follow up.

  • Our friendly DOCTORs understand your health needs. Urgent bookings are prioritised.

  • Ample PARKING inside precinct. After-hours & Weekends: Use 200 free car parks in basement.

  • We have MATER pathology collection centre ONSITE & we can follow-up the results on your behalf.